Google is blocking access to small browsers

Google is blocking access to its services to small browsers such as Konqueror, Falkon and others. The complaint arose a few days ago on Reddit and has spread further, as what appeared to be a one-off error has been confirmed by various means, here is an example. In fact, we just checked it out.

In short, when you try to sign in to Google (Gmail, YouTube or whatever) a warning message is displayed that prevents it, indicating that “the browser or application may not be secure”. Therefore, they recommend trying a different browser because “if you’re already using a supported browser, you can refresh your screen and try signing in again.

What supported browsers are you referring to?

The link for more information is sent to a help page that lists Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. In other words, Google has already prepared the fence and won’t be coming in from now on; but so far, except on specific occasions, there have been no impediments to using alternative browsers.

Note that among the supported browsers there is not even a mention of other small but popular browsers such as Vivaldi or Brave, which also use Chromium as a base and their compatibility should be guaranteed on Google sites. It is precisely about problems like this that they were talking on Vivaldi’s blog recently.

The point is that Google does not explain why these browsers are not secure, nor has it said anything about it that is known at the moment, so the “solution” is what it is: use one of the supported browsers. This is what is available to anyone who wants to use Google’s services, at least until they get it fixed.

The truth, as bad as it may be, is that the browsers mentioned are absolutely residual. As you know, we are now with the end of year survey and although the results will be revealed in the coming weeks, we can tell you that options such as Falkon, Midori or GNOME Web barely collect a handful of votes. Which is normal, there are much more powerful and fully compatible alte